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NATRAflex premium velvet antler helps change lifestyle at Michigan resort

So what?s this buzz about ancient Chinese medicines made from deer and elk antlers? How can a few daily pills revive energy, strengthen bones, and sooth arthritic joints? It all sounds like some wacky New Age bunk. These doubts enter the minds of nearly every first-time user of velvet antler. Velvet antler is an all-natural product. No big-name university with a pharmaceutical research grant engineered it. No medical laboratory spent millions to develop it. So, can a dietary supplement direct from nature really be effective? A growing number of Americans are becoming believers. Jack Matthias, a resort owner in Northern Michigan, is one of thousands of NATRAflex customers benefiting from velvet antler. Here is his story.

For over 30 years, Jack had led a sedentary lifestyle. He continually battled weight gain, high cholesterol, early signs of arthritis, and mild coronary artery disease. Jack also suffered from sleep apnea, a condition that prevents one from gaining a full night?s rest. Jack’s health caused a constant lack of energy and even mild depression. Each year’s physical brought new recommendations for a variety of prescription drugs.

Jack, and his wife Jan, run the Thunder Bay Golf Resort ( in Hillman, Michigan. Jack has owned the resort for the past 30 years. The resort contains a 160-acre Elk Reserve with protected elk. During the fall and winter seasons, the resort offers guests a special sleigh or wagon ride to view the roaming elk. Trail guides relay the history of elk in Michigan and across the country. The ride ends at the resort’s Elk Antler Log Cabin. Here, guests enjoy five course gourmet dinner cooked in antique wood-fired stoves. During dinner, Jack and the other guides continue the discussion about elk antlers and describe their regrowth each year. They talk about the use of velvet antler in Traditional Chinese & Korean Medicine (TCM).

“When we began, both Jan and I were very skeptical about the Velvet Antler stories,” remembered Jack. “But it was interesting, and part of the lore that makes Elk such fascinating animals. Until the late 1990’s, velvet antler was very hard to find in the United States. However, people began asking our guides how they could get it. We directed them to NATRAflex and the Internet, and asked them to let us know how it works. The feedback began slowly, but became very positive.”

For Jack, now 61, the last straw came when he read that his arthritis medication only provided joint pain relief. His joints were continuing to deteriorate. This, combined with declining energy levels, hindered his ability to do physical work at the resort. He decided to try NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler for himself.

Jack took three 250mg capsules of NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler each day. Within 90 days, his joint pain had ceased and he had revitalized energy. He was once again able to perform physical tasks that had previously been extremely difficult. Most surprisingly, Jack began dreaming again, which signaled control of his sleep apnea. Jack had experienced sleep apnea for years. Sleep apnea is a medical disorder causing sufferers to stop breathing from a few seconds to a full minute, several times during each hour of sleep. This breathing pause can last anywhere from a few seconds to a full minute. This condition prevents a person from reaching the deeper levels of sleep where dreaming occurs.

People with sleep apnea often arise more tired than when they went to bed. The stress causes increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. There is supposedly no known cure for sleep apnea. Doctors usually prescribe weight loss and exercise. Many patients sleep with a mask hooked to a blower to keep the airways open, which helps restore normal breathing. Jack refused the C-PAP blower and mask treatment. Within 90 days of beginning a daily regiment of NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler, Jack’s sleep apnea was gone.

Jack’s rejuvenated vitality, and his success over sleep apnea, gave him confidence to battle his weight. He weighed 275 pounds. He began the Atkins Diet, while increasing his treadmill workouts. In the next four months, Jack shed 35 pounds. His current goal is to drop another 45 pounds to get under 200 pounds.

Today, 10 months since he started taking NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler, Jack is living a revitalized life. His new health regiment has diminished his reliance on expensive medical and allergy prescriptions.

“I feel better than I have in 30 years,” expressed Jack. “I never realized how much the allergies and sleep apnea had affected my productivity. I’ve already phased out four prescription drugs. My cholesterol has fallen from 180 to 138, while good to bad ratios have greatly increased and triglycerides have dropped to 50. Dosage on my cholesterol drug has been reduced by two-thirds, and I hope to eliminate it entirely soon.”

“The cost of NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler is far less than my insurance co-pay,” continued Jack. “Health care costs are out of control. More people are losing coverage and drug prices are becoming obscene. People need to take responsibility and gain control of your own health. I am really enjoying depriving the drug companies of my $3,000 to $4,000 yearly contribution. As a result of the positive feedback from our resort guests, my own experience, and similar experiences of our staff, we began to offer NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler at the Thunder Bay Golf Resort,” stated Jack.”It’s a great feeling to help other people regain some control over their own health.”

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