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Natraflex Velvet Antler


Velvet Antler


From $42.00 per bottle


Natraflex Premium Velvet Antler is an all-natural whole food supplement composed of a variety of minerals and nutrients critical to a healthy and active lifestyle.


Benefits of adding velvet antler to your daily diet include increased energy and stamina, muscle strength and endurance, accelerated healing and recovery, rebuilding joint cartilage and overall joint health. 


Research has show that velvet antler stimulates the body’s metabolism, improves overall cellular performance and reduces inflammation. When taken daily, is uniquely suited to relieve joint pain, boost energy, aid muscle growth, balance cardiovascular activity, increase libido naturally, enhance bone density and heighten general vitality.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Capsules 

Number of Servings: 30 

Amount per Serving: 750mg


Recommended Use

Maintain a dosage of 3 capsules daily. Increase dosage during training, strenuous activity, or as needed.


Composition of Elk Velvet Antler

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Collagen, Essential Amino Acids, IGF-1, IGF-2, Pantocrin, Polypeptides, Proteins, Lipids, Prostaglandins, Bone Morphogenetic Proteins, Alkaline Phosphatase, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Trace Minerals and Nutrients. 

*Elk velvet antler is 100% pure product. All minerals and nutrients listed are found in the antler naturally. 


Elk Velvet Antler Promotes

  • Healthy Joint Function

  • Muscle Strength and Endurance

  • Muscle and Body Recovery

  • Strong Immune System

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Health and Wellness



Natraflex™ Elk Velvet Antler Capsules, is a staple product to add to ones supplement regimen. Taking 750mg a day of 100% freeze-dried velvet antler capsules will get your body feeling physically and mentally stronger. Elk velvet antler can be taken in the morning to boost circulation and energy levels or in the evening to aid with muscle recovery. Almost anyone can benefit from adding this natural product to their daily diet. 

Natural Grocers Elk Velvet Antler
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